Thermo-electra WF5895-2000-T

Surface Temperature Sensor

Thermo-electra WF5895-2000-T
WF5895 pintalämpötila-anturi
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WF5895-2000-T Surface Temperature Sensor
Thermo-electra WF5895-2000-T WF5895 pintalämpötila-anturi
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Bolt-on, washer/ring shaped, industrial type Pt100 sensor for measuring surface temperatures, range -200...+240 °C. Stainless steel washer, dimensions Ø 12 mm x 6 mm with a 5 mm hole. Other washer dimensions possible. Measuring element 1×Pt100, tolerance class B (DIN IEC 751).

Code example: WF5895-2000-T
- WF5895 = bolt-on surface temperature sensor 1×Pt100, 3-wire (option: 4-wire)
- 2000 = 2 m flexible cable (optios: other lengths)
- T = cable material Teflon (max. +240 °C), internal braiding (option: S = silicone).

Other materials, cables and dimensions on request. Also Ex versions available.

Please define chosen options when ordering. Let Elkome sales service help You.
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Product Details
Product type Surface Temperature Sensor
Manufacturer Thermo-electra
SKU WF5895-2000-T
Weight (kg) 1

Measurement Temperature
Transducer type Pt100

Connector type Integral cable
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