Advantech UNO-2372G-E021BE

Embedded Computer

Advantech UNO-2372G-E021BE
E3845, 4G RAM w/2xLAN,4xCOM,1xmPCIe,1xmSATA
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UNO-2372G-E021BE Embedded Computer
Advantech UNO-2372G-E021BE E3845, 4G RAM w/2xLAN,4xCOM,1xmPCIe,1xmSATA
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Advantech's new generation UNO-2000 series of Embedded Automation Computers are highly ruggedized fanless and modular design. The incredible modularity of UNO-2372G offers numerous performance and cost-saving advantages, including elimination of unnecessary features and expenses, accelerated production and delivery, rapid deployment and integration, reduced system downtime and maintenance costs, and support for future upgrades and expansion. The UNO-2372G’s modular design features optimized I/O and an optional second expansion stack that support Advantech’s iDoor technology. This allows the platform functionalities to be easily extended and customized with the integration of various iDoor modules, including industrial Fieldbus, wireless communication, I/O and peripheral module, to provide purpose-built, future-proof solutions that satisfy specific application requirements.
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Product Details
Product type Embedded Computer
Manufacturer Advantech
Product series UNO
SKU UNO-2372G-E021BE
Weight (kg) 1.2

Processor model Intel Atom
Installed memory (GB) 4
Maximum memory (GB) 8
Number of HDD places (pcs) 1
Number of memory card places (pcs) 1
Memory card type mSATA
Lowest operating voltage, DC (V) 10
Highest operating voltage, DC (V) 36

Number of USB ports (pcs) 4
Number of COM ports (pcs) 4
- RS232 support (pcs) 4
- RS422 support (pcs) 4
- RS485 support (pcs) 4
Number of LAN ports (pcs) 2
Number of displays (pcs) 2
Display connectors DP, HDMI
Other PC slots 2 x mPCIe

Min. operating temperature (°C) -20
Max. operating temperature (°C) 60
IP-class 40

Installation type Desktop, Din-rail, VESA, Wall mount
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