Papouch TME_C_EU

IoT I/O Module

Papouch TME_C_EU
Ethernet Thermometer, EU power supply
160,00 €
TME_C_EU IoT I/O Module
Papouch TME_C_EU Ethernet Thermometer, EU power supply
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TME is a Thermometer with direct output to Ethernet (IP Thermometer), measuring range is -55°C to +125°C.
TME has an internal WEB server, which allows you to view Temperature directly in your WEB browser - no additional software is required. TME is fully configurable via WEB interface, Temperature can be transmitted over TCP/IP in ASCII (no conversion needed). Supported protocols are: TCP, SNMP, SMTP (e-mail), MODBUS TCP a XML. Temperatue can be easily integrated in your existing WEB site vias standard HTTP GET functions.
Sensor head size is 60 mm × Ø 6 mm, protection class IP68. Silicon sensor cable is 3 meters long as a standard. If you require, we can produce TME with up to 20m sensor lead. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need a different length.

IP thermometer TME can send e-mail if your temperature thresholds are exceede. It can send current temperature to your existing WEB server, where it can be easily viewed. It is sent by HTTP GET or HTTP POST (as an XML), very well known by any WEBmaster. You don't have to learn new things just to have temperature on your WEBsite. TME communicates via TCP protocol. However it has vast communication options like MODBUS TCP, SNMP, XML, WAP, ... thanks to that you can easily integrate TME into your existing system. For example: SNMP can be used to watch temperature iof racks in server rooms. You can choose from several oprions of modern WEB interface. If you have more than one TME, you can easily view multiple temperatures on a single WEB page. WEB interface in english is a necessary standard. TME also includes a mini page suitable for mobile phone or PDA.
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Product Details
Product type IoT I/O Module
Manufacturer Papouch
Weight (kg) 0.2

Measurement Temperature
Protocol Modbus/TCP
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