Thermo-electra ML7055-6xK-IEC-3,2-400-B57-F55-G3-G20/1-G30-G70

Multipoint Temperature Sensor

Thermo-electra ML7055-6xK-IEC-3,2-400-B57-F55-G3-G20/1-G30-G70
Multipoint temperature sensor
ML7055-6xK-IEC-3,2-400-B57-F55-G3-G20/1-G30-G70 Multipoint Temperature Sensor
Thermo-electra ML7055-6xK-IEC-3,2-400-B57-F55-G3-G20/1-G30-G70 Multipoint temperature sensor
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Flexible Multipoint Sensor with Stainless Steel flexible 3.2mm tubing. The high number of measurement points allow the monitoring of temperature profiles or detection of a hot-spot. The measuring points are located at multiple places in the tube. The flexible stainless steel tube is bendable to follow contours. High pressure on the sheath is allowed due to the design. These type of multipoints are normally placed into industrial reactors or pilot-plants. The length of the stainless steel can be specified. Termination with flexible insulated wires, length 1000mm or to specify. Delivery and storage is easy and takes little space since these units are supplied coiled.

Please fill in the features needed when ordering. Here is an example:

Code key:
- ML7055 = Multipoint temperature sensor, flexible
- 6xK = number of measuring points and sensor type, e.g. 6 pieces of K Type thermocouple sensors
- IEC = tolerance class, e.g. IEC = Class 1 (IEC 584-1 / DIN 43710)
- 3,2 = sensor head/tube diameter 3,2 mm (standard)
- 400 = total immersion length Ln, e.g. 400 mm
- 1000 = wire/cable length K, please define also type (material)
- 250-300-325-350-375-400 = measuring point definitions.

Please define the measuring points / immersion lengths accurately e.g. as below:
L1 = 250 mm,
L2 = 300 mm,
L3 = 325 mm,
L4 = 350 mm,
L5 = 375 mm,
L6 = 400 mm (as close as possible at bottom),
Ln = 400 mm (total length).

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Product Details
Product type Multipoint Temperature Sensor
Manufacturer Thermo-electra
SKU ML7055-6xK-IEC-3,2-400-B57-F55-G3-G20/1-G30-G70
Weight (kg) 1

Measurement Temperature
Transducer type Thermocouple

Connector type Integral cable

Approvals ATEX
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