Thermo-electra HM5040-S4-5000-F40-G20A

Surface Temperature Sensor

Thermo-electra HM5040-S4-5000-F40-G20A
HM5040 pintalämpötila-anturi
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HM5040-S4-5000-F40-G20A Surface Temperature Sensor
Thermo-electra HM5040-S4-5000-F40-G20A HM5040 pintalämpötila-anturi
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HM5040 magnetic attached temperature sensor has silicone cable with flexible conductors. Good chemical resistance. Can be used on ferritic surfaces, installation with powerful horse shoe magnet, holding force 90 N. Maximum temperature at tip 250 °C. Spring-loaded sensitive contact tip. Thermal conductive paste on rough surfaces recommended. Options: ATEX Exe or Exi version.

S4 = Single RTD, Calss B (IEC 751), 4 Wire (standard version: 3 wire)
5000 = Cable length 5 meters (standard version: 4 meters).
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Product Details
Product type Surface Temperature Sensor
Manufacturer Thermo-electra
SKU HM5040-S4-5000-F40-G20A
Weight (kg) 1

Measurement Temperature
Transducer type Pt100

Connector type Integral cable
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