Datataker DT4DT80M

Universal Input Datalogger

Datataker DT4DT80M
dataTaker DT80M Series 4
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DT4DT80M Universal Input Datalogger
Datataker DT4DT80M dataTaker DT80M Series 4
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Connect an array of sensors through the versatile analog and digital channels, high-speed counter inputs, phase encoder inputs and programmable serial sensor channels. Temperature, voltage, current, 4-20mA loops, resistance, bridges, strain gauges, frequency, digital, serial and calculated measurements can all be scaled, logged and returned in engineering units or within statistical reporting. Set up sampling, logging, alarm and control tasks to suit your own requirements while interfaces for smart sensors, GPS and other intelligent devices expand the DT80M flexibility.

Designed For Remote Applications
The dataTaker DT80M intelligent data logger is a fully featured low-powered logging platform with an integrated cellular modem, making it perfect for remote applications. The rugged design and wide operating temperature range of the DT80M provides reliable operation in virtually any environment. The DT80M’s perfect balance of performance with low-power also allows you to use a smaller solar panel without compromising on functionality.

Automatic Data Delivery
Forget travelling long distances to get your data. Utilise the DT80M’s automatic data delivery features to schedule your data to be automatically emailed to your inbox every day, week, month or other time interval. More sophisticated systems can make use of the automatic data delivery features to send logged data to an FTP server. Alarm conditions can also trigger data delivery in addition to sending alarm messages to multiple email addresses or mobile phones.

Easy To Configure
The DT80M is configured directly in your web browser using dataTaker’s dEX graphical interface. dEX takes you through the confi guration of your logger, showing you wiring diagrams and allowing you to decide – in as much or as little detail – how you want the system to work, suiting both novice or advanced users. Using the internal modem you can even re-configure your system remotely over the internet if required.
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Product Details
Product type Universal Input Datalogger
Manufacturer Datataker
Weight (kg) 2

Analog input type Universal
Input speed (S/s) 40
Battery operated No
Analog inputs (pcs) 15
Digital inputs (pcs) 12
Protocol Ascii, Modbus/TCP, TCP/IP
Wireless Technology 3G

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